February 18, 2020
Lawyers Professional Insurance

Lawyers Professional Insurance is intended to cover lawyers for what they may become legally obligated to pay as damages resulting from claims arising out of services rendered and arising out of their conduct as a lawyer (including the associated defense costs).

Common categories of errors resulting in professional liability claims against lawyers include:
 Personal Lawyer
Substantive Law – failure to know/ascertain deadline, inadequate
discovery/investigation, failure to know/properly apply law, error in public record search,
planning error/procedure choice, conflict of interest.

Administrative Acts – failure to calendar properly, failure to file document, lost
file/document, clerical error, procrastination in performance/follow-up.

Client Relations – failure to follow client’s instruction, failure to obtain consent/inform
client, improper withdrawal/representation.

Intentional Wrongdoing – libel or slander, malicious prosecution/abuse of process,
violation of civil rights, fraud.